Essie Spring 2021 Limited edition

So first of all, all credit goes to Luimination_nails on Instagram. She collected all this material and without her, I wouldn’t have had a clue that this collection even existed! I am talking about the Essie Spring 2021 collection!

This is what Essie says about this collection: it’s time to get oasis and spring break-away to your favorite desert spa! you can take the heat – so roam free feeling light as linen. if you’re a glowing mumu mama, retreat yourself poolside. you know the espadrille, the pool boy will return in a second to quench your thirst … so keep your cacti on the prize!

The collection consists, as usual for the seasonal collection, of 6 new shades. Or as Essie says: a collection of six harmonious hues inspired by a tranquil desert spa retreat. The names are Light as linen (a brown with red/orange shimmer), Infinity cool (a dark blue), Retreat yourself (a shimmery pink/coral), Cacti on the prize (a cactus green, or maybe sage green cream), You know the espadrille (a cream yellow), Get oasis (a light ivory white with shimmer, or as Essie calls it, a pearly white with warm tones).

The shades of the Essie Spring 2021 collection: You know the espadrille, Retreat yourself, Cacti on the prize, Infinity cool, Light as Linen and Get oasis.

I really love how these colors all work together! I am really impressed and look forward to seeing this collection in person. I have no clue which ones I am going to pick up (probably at least the green), but luckily we still have some time to think about this. I expect that we won’t see this collection in stores until February/March 2021. However, there are stores that are getting earlier and earlier so maybe I am wrong! I already spotted this collection on the Walmart website over here, however, they are all out of stock.

So what do you think? Are you just as excited as I am? Let me know in the comments.

Update: I picked up You know the espadrille and Cacti on the prize (click for swatches). If I end up liking the rest, I will pick up more, but for now, I am saving up for the OPI spring 2021 collection!

The shades are now available on Amazon over here (affiliate link)!

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3 thoughts on “Essie Spring 2021 Limited edition”

  1. I like these colors very much – they are really different from the usual spring shades. I am looking forward to it very much.
    But again I am annoyed by the strange marketing and sales strategy of Essie (L’oréal). What’s wrong with making the colors available in Europe? At least with a single supplier for a test? Oh dear.

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