Essie Expressie Dial it up (Winter 2020/2021)

More new Expressie colors? Yes please! After the new normal Essie collection and new Essie gel couture collection, it makes sense that Essie also releases a new Expressie collection! The collection is called Dial it up and is inspired by the way we used our phone and tech in 1999 (wow time flies!).

The collection consists of 10 shades called: Dial it up (a shimmer-y purple), In the modem (light grey cream), mall crawler (a sheer pink “translucent finish”), millenium momentum (light beige), Sh00k (medium yellow), Skip the track (dusty grey lavender sheer finish) , Turn up the Century (sheer magenta), Up Up & away message (blue teal cream), We don’t mesh (green yellow shimmer), What the tech (black with silver shimmer).

From what I’ve seen, this shades are already available on the Ulta and Walmart website, but some of them are already sold out. I also have no clue when or if they are going to be released in the rest of the world. Update: It is also now available on Amazon over here (affiliate link).

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I definitely look forward to see swatches of this collection. If this collection is released in Europe, I have no clue whether I would actually pick it up. The shades are gorgeous, but there are so many Essie collection being released recently, that I wouldn’t care about missing one! Let’s hope for the best and hope this one is easier to find than the Expressie Speed of life collection.

Let me know what you think of this collection below in the comments!

Update for my European readers: This collection was released in Summer 2021 in Europe. Only six colors were released, and only four were originally from the US collection: Millenium Momentum, Dial it up, What the tech? and Up up and away message. The other two shades were Taxi hopping and Crave the chaos. They were originally released in the first range of Expressie shades in the US, but were not yet released in Europe.

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