Essie Fashion Fete (Gel couture, Spring 2022)

Once again I return to you with… a new collection! I’ve already shared so many Essie collections with you this year, but this time we have a new Essie Gel couture collection called `Fashion Fete’. As usual, I don’t have that much information, but I do have pictures and names, so I hope you’ll enjoy! Special thanks to my friend Jab_marne/ Mrs Cgn because I would have never found this collection without her!

Introducing Essie’s Gel Couture Fashion Fete Collection, inspired by delicately faded frescos, this softly uplifting collection showcases an array of six perfectly, imperfect pastel cream shades that are nothing short of a fresh spring awakening.


I first thought that this was already Essie’s Summer collection, but the text talks about a ‘spring awakening’, so I’m going to assume that this is Essie’s new spring 2022 collection. As the quote says, this collection will consist of six new shades:

  • Brimming with bubbly
  • Sunday best
  • Stilettos on standby
  • Sundressed to impress
  • Fashion Fete
  • Hats off
Essie Fashion fete collection

The only place I have spotted this collection so far is on Beyond Polish (affiliate link). The collection is not in stock yet, but it is only listed on the website. Be sure to check it yourself too, because things might change over time. You can always use my code NOAENAILS for 5% off regular priced items on Beyond Polish!

Besides from the listing on Beyond Polish, I haven’t heard anything about this collection. Therefore, I’m not sure when other stores will get it or whether it will come to Europe too. But of course, I will keep you posted!

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