Cirque Colors Vice 2022 (my picks)

Today I have swatches of my picks from Cirque Colors Vice 2022 collection. Each year, Cirque Colors releases a neon collection in summer called ‘Vice’ containing 6 limited edition neon shades. Usually, it’s a combination of new and previously released neon shades. Although I own some other Cirque Colors shades, this is actually my first time trying their neon formulas!

Before I get into the ones that I picked, I want to show you the shades in the Vice 2022 collection:

  • Ski high ( a neon electric blue creme)
  • Pyro (a neon red-orange creme)
  • Kushy (a neon green creme, has been released a couple of times before)
  • Electric Daisy ( a neon highlighter yellow, has been released a couple of times before)
  • Guilty pleasure (a neon purple creme)
  • Socialite (a neon pink-lilac creme, has also been released before)
Cirque Colors Vice 2022

I picked up two shades that were released before; ‘Kushy’ and ‘Electric Daisy’. Although I must admit, all these shades look great. I heard a lot of positive stories about Kushy and Electric Daisy, so I definitely had to try them!

Cirque Colors Kushy

Cirque Colors Kushy

Kushy is described as a neon green creme. I heard so much about this shade that I just had to try it. I missed out on the first couple of times it was released, but I definitely wanted to try it this time. I understand what this hype is all about. This shade is just so incredibly bright! You don’t need a white basecoat, as some other neons need. I would definitely recommend this shade if you’re looking for something bright! The shade covered on most nails in two coats, but some needed a third.

Cirque Colors Electric daisy

Cirque Colors Electric Daisy

Electric daisy is a highlighter yellow creme. It also has been released a couple of times before, but this is the first time I picked it up. Again, this shade is so incredibly bright! It definitely reminds me of a neon highlighter. It is quite well known that neon yellows are often very difficult to apply. I wasn’t surprised that Electric daisy was a bit more difficult to apply than Kushy, but it wasn’t that bad! It covered on most nails in three coats.

Orly Glowstick vs Cirque Colors Electric Daisy vs Essie Have a ball

Of course, I wanted to do some comparisons for Electric daisy. The only two other neon yellows I own are Essie Have a ball and Orly Glowstick. I always thought of Orly Glowstick as the most neon yellow shade I have ever seen. However, next to Electric Daisy it looks pale in comparison. I had to use 4 coats of Glowstick on its own, and it honestly looks terrible. I usually wear it over a white basecoat. The second shade I wanted to compare to Electric daisy was Have a ball, which was marketed as a neon yellow by Essie. You can clearly see in the picture above that Have a ball is definitely not as bright as Electric daisy.

Conclusion & Availability

In my opinion, these Cirque Colors neon definitely live up to their hype. It’s especially worth getting them if you’re into neons that do not require a white basecoat. I almost can’t believe that I put off buying them for so long! The Vice collection is usually limited edition, but some shades come back in next years or make a special extra appearance if people like them enough. The Vice 2022 is still available on, Beyond Polish (affiliate link), Amazon US (affiliate link), and several other Cirque stockists. I wouldn’t wait too long if you’re really liking some of these shades!

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