Review budget nail polish holder (cheap Tweexy dupe)

picture of a neon pink nail polish holder ring

A few days ago I ways shopping at my local Action, a dutch budget store. I always take a look at the beauty corner. Most of the time it  is a big mess, but sometimes they actually have some nice offers. This time, just when I was about to walk away, I saw something neon pink. I took a closer look and it was a nail polish holder ring. For only 97 eurocents! I didn’t have to think twice and it disappeared into my basket. If you are around a little longer in the nail polish world, you probably know that this is a dupe for the Tweexy. It looks exactly the same as this nail polish holder, but it costs around 13 dollar. I’ve never bought one, because it wasn’t worth it for me, but for 97 cents I definitely wanted to try.

picture of the nail polish holder ring while still in its original packaging

The nail polish holder ring consist of two rings, which you can put over your fingers. On top, it has a large “thing”, in which you can put the nail polish bottle. I first tested the nail polish holder by picking out some random bottles and holding the ring upside down to see if they would stick. I’ve tested with OPI, Essie, Essence, Picture Polish and Cupcake Polish. They all were staying in the nail polish holder, even when I was shaking it and holding it upside down. I was really impressed that it even worked for the Picture Polish bottles, because they are really long and small.

nail polish holder ring

The next thing was of course, using it while painting my nails! I always paint my nails while sitting at my desk, because I find it the most convenient way. But honestly, when you are like me and you always sit at a table or desk, the nail polish holder is more annoying than helpful. It was OK when I was painting my index, pointer, ring and little finger. When I tried to paint my thumb it was really annoying, because I didn’t want to keep my hand flat, but I didn’t want the nail polish to drip out of the bottle either.

example of the nail polish holder ring with a bottle

When you want to paint your other hand, you need to switch the nail polish holder ring to your other hand. But this really increases the risk of bumping it against the wet nails, which I found extremely annoying. Lastly, I found that the ring and bottle became quite heavy after a while and I just took it off. Maybe if you do not paint your nails close to a desk or table (HOW?), then this ring might actually help you. For me, it was mostly annoying to work with. However, it was fun that I could try it for 97 cents. Maybe, one day, it will help me to paint my nails on the go or on the couch.

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