OPI x XBOX (Spring/Summer 2022)

After the Essie Spring 2022 collections were released, I knew it wouldn’t take long before the new OPI Spring 2022 would turn up somewhere. I kept searching the internet, and today I finally found it! It definitely does not disappoint! Meet the new OPI x Xbox collection. Xbox the gaming device from Microsoft? Yes that one!

The colors are going to be:

  • Pixel dust (pearlescent Pink shimmer)
  • Racing for pinks (dusty pink creme)
  • Quest for quartz (Rose shimmer)
  • Suzi is my avatar (coral creme)
  • Trading paint (orange creme)
  • Heart and Con-soul (red pearlescent shimmer)
  • The pass is always greener (light green creme)
  • Sage simulation (mint green/sage shimmer)
  • You had me at Halo (pearlescent Light blue/purple shimmer)
  • Can’t CTRL me (Pastel blue with subtle shimmer)
  • N00berry (Berry purple creme)
  • Achievement unlocked (lavender creme)

The shades should be available at the beginning of January 2022, although some stores might be earlier or later.

All the shades from the OPI Xbox collection.

I’m very enthusiastic about this collection. I really thought it would be a collection I would want to skip, but after seeing it, I’m just thrilled! The shimmers look very interesting, but also the cremes are cute. Although maybe not everyone likes Xbox, I think there is something for everyone in this collection.

XBOX reports that the global release date will be February 1, 2022. The collection is now available on Amazon for pre-order over here (affiliate link).

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Update: I’ve swatched eight of these shades over here. In case you’re looking for the OPI Summer 2022 collection already, you can find it over here.

9 thoughts on “OPI x XBOX (Spring/Summer 2022)”

  1. I feel like this is a case of MAC X The Sims. I don’t see Xbox anywhere here except the Halo color. Not having an “Xbox green” is a huge mistake IMO. Are pretty colors and clever names the only basis for collabs these days? I’d like to see colors that evoke imagery of the inspiration. And the pink controller is a little cringe-y. That said… it is pretty collection.

    1. Haha as a Sims fan, I feel exactly the same way! I saw other pictures today, and although they look pretty, it feels a bit like a missed opportunity for both Xbox and OPI.

  2. I was very excited when I saw this collection as I really need new colours, but it seems the promotion is only available to people in the US. I live in the UK and the Amazon links take me straight to the main home page, and nowhere seems to have them or even mention them.
    If anyone knows if it is possible for someone in the UK to get a hold of some of the colours please let me know!

    1. Oh no I’m sorry! It seems like Amazon did something to my link… I will try to repair it. I found that the official release date in the UK and EU is the 2nd of February. Nailpolishdirect.co.uk is usually one of the websites that has them the quickest in the UK in my experience. But I cannot find this collection on their website yet!

    2. Just some more information: last year I was able to order OPI’s Hollywood collection on the 28th of January from Nailpolishdirect, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this year’s spring collection is coming around the same time! I hope this helps!

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