OPI Nature strong Spring 2023 (‘Even more flowerful’)

This OPI Nature strong spring 2023 collection was already listed for a while on my OPI collections overview page, but I had no clue what kind of collection this would be or what it would look like, until now! I finally found pictures and descriptions of the shades! If you don’t know what OPI’s Nature strong line is, be sure to check out this post, but it is basically OPI’s response to a demand for more natural nail polish products. The new collection is going to be called ‘Even more flowerful’ and is going to consist of eight new colors plus a new botanical base coat.

The new shades are going to be:

  • A kick in the bud (A peony pink)
  • Bee the change (the hour will always be golden with this bright yellow color)
  • Big bluetiful planet (a subtle light blue)
  • Botanical base coat ( a multifunctional base coat, can be worn on its own or combined with OPI’s nature strong system)
  • Eco for it (sparkle like a sunrise above the ocean with this dazzling blue; I’ve seen this one IRL now, and it looks mostly silver with a blue sparkle)
  • Glowing places (Channel the beauty of the moon with this sparkly grey)
  • Leaf by example (A forest green)
  • Kind of a twig deal (A cherry blossom pink)
  • Mind-full of glitter (Use this bright shade with glitter to make your nails look alive)

I will just admit, the descriptions are slightly cringy, but it is clear what inspired OPI to create these shades.

OPI Nature strong spring 2023

I’m especially curious about the glitter shades. Will they be opaque? Will they really be as interesting as they look in the bottle?

The only place I could find them so far was Amazon ES (Spain). They can be pre-ordered over there, and the official release date is set to 10th of January. There are some rumors that the collection will be released on the 1st of December in the US, but I haven’t found official information confirming this.

Update: I was finally able to get my hands on this collection! You can find my swatches and more information on where these shades are available over here.

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