My picks from Essie’s Spring and Summer 2020 collections

Now that August is almost over, we need to accept that summer is also almost over too. I decided for myself that I don’t want to buy any summer nail colors anymore (unless it is a really good deal). I just need to mentally prepare for Fall already! The past couple of months I have show you tons of new Essie spring and summer collections (click here for all Essie’s summer collections and here for Essie’s spring collection). Today I would like to show you which ones I decided to buy. I also would like to tell you about some I wanted to buy but didn’t end up buying (for reasons I will explain later).

Essie Flying Solo (Flying Solo 2020 collection)

Essie Flying solo is the namesake of the Flying solo Winter/Spring collection. Honestly, I only bought this one since it was at first the only polish from the flying solo collection I could find. I was lucky, and the store later restocked this polishes. I remember being so happy that I had the chance to pick this shade up. Up until that point I didn’t even now whether the Flying solo collection would come to Europe at all.

The formula was great, and surprisingly the color is really unique in my collection. It is too coral to fit with the pinks and too pink to fit with the corals. I am still in love with this shade. I hoped to get more wear out of it, but maybe next year I can use it more!

This shade is still available on Amazon over here (affiliate link).

Essie One way for one (Flying solo 2020)

I remember that this shade first wasn’t available at the place I bought it, and than it suddenly was. Lucky for me, I didn’t have to pay any shipping costs for One way for one, so I was happy I could get my hands on this shade!

One way for one is very different from all other Essie shades I own. The pearl finish isn’t something I usually go for, but in this polish it is just great. The only regret I have is that I didn’t wear it more often this summer, because what an amazing shade! I just think it is very unique and I still get excited when I look at the pictures!

You can still find it over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

Essie Suits you swell (Sunny Business 2020)

Suits you swell is my most recent purchase and is from the Sunny Business collection. For this polish holds the same as for Flying Solo: I was so happy that the Sunny Business collection was available in Europe, I just picked up the only one that was available at that time. I have no clue what happend to the other shades, they might have never been available or they might already have been sold out.

This purple might not have been the first shade I would have picked up if I could have picked from the complete sunny business collection, but I definitely do not regret this purchase. It has an amazing formula, and I didn’t have anything that was close to it colorwise.

You can find it on Amazon over here (affiliate link).

Sunny Business (Sunny Business 2020)

I originally reported that I did not pick up Sunny Business. However I managed to pick it up with a little discount back in September. Because I was busy with the Fall and winter collections, I didn’t swatch it until November. Sigh! I really enjoy sunny business, the only downside is that it is a bit on the sheer side. However, the shimmer masks this, so it’s perfectly wearable at three coats. Obviously I don’t have any dupes for Sunny Business since it is so unique. Together with One way for one it is definitely one of my favorites from the summer collection.

A lot of stores here in the Netherlands never sold this color or had a very few in stock. You can still find this shade on Amazon over here though (affiliate link).

Which ones did I want to get but didn’t buy?

OK so I am not going to lie. I definitely wanted to pick up more shades.

Atelier at the bay (the yellow from the Sunset soiree collection) is still not available over here! Usually here in Europe we eventually get the Gel Couture trend editions, but it usually takes very long. Maybe if I wait long enough I will be able to buy it. But I still haven’t spotted it anywhere. You can find it over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

You do blue (blue with pink shimmer from the Flying solo collection). This color is obviously the stunner from the Flying Solo collection. It was constantly sold out over here, and the one store that had it in stock again charged high shipping rates. I was under the impression that if I waited long enough it would maybe be restocked somewhere else, but unfortunately it didn’t. It is still available over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

Finally, the last collection that I have regrets about is the Let it ripple collection. I just didn’t hear anything about that collection over here! Like it never even existed. Whenever I google this collection, I just find my own blogpost! Although this collection is beautiful, I gave up on ever finding it. Maybe next year I can find them in the discount section of Tkmaxx 😉 You can find the complete collection over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

That’s it. Basically, it is not as bad as I expected. When I look at all the Spring and summer collections together, I would have expected that I would have bought more. It “helps” that most of the polishes are just not available over here. I think my wallet is definitely about that, but I still find it a pity that I couldn’t even find some of the shades. In that sense, I definitely have mixed feelings when I look back at this post!

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