Morgan Taylor and Gelish Halloween collection (Disney villains)

Alright I am just going to continue with more new collections! After the Fall collections we are apparently ready for the new halloween collections. Today it is time for Morgan Taylor and Gelish.

Over here Morgan Taylor is not that famous, but Gelish is! Morgan Taylor is the “regular” polish version of Gelish. All of these colors are therefore available in gel version under the brand Gelish and in their regular version under the brand Morgan Taylor. However, the colors are pretty much the same.

I am super excited about their halloween collection since it is inspired by Disney villains! I used to be a huge Disney fan so I was very excited about this.

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🔎MORGAN TAYLOR FALL 2020🔎 Hello friends – it is time for another sneak peak of the fall collection, this time from @mtmorgantaylor! 😊 They are partnering with @disney to create 6 new shades inspired by the cult-classic villians we remember from the movies! 😍 As the promo materials say: “bring to life some of your favourite infamous villians with deep shades to bring out your naughty and edgier side” 😈 The collection will feature: ☆ metallic silver ‘Fashion Above All’ inspired by Cruella De Vil ☆vampy plum ‘You’re In My World Now’ for the fans of Dr. Facilier (on the left in the second photo) ☆red metallic ‘Just One Bite’ in honour of The Evil Queen (on the right in the second photo) ☆metallic purple ‘Make ‘Em Squirm’ inspired by Ursula (in the middle in the second photo) ☆dark gray ‘Smoke The Competition’ which must be a favourite of Hades ☆jewel green metallic ‘Mistress of Mayhem’ for those who love Maleficient Tell me guys what you think about this collection 😊 I have never tried Morgan Taylor polishes but those jewel toned mettalics look sooo interesting! 🤩🤩 and all my childhood memories of Disney movies tell me to grab them all 😉 Do you think it is worth a try? 🤔 #morgantaylor #morgantaylorpolish #morgantaylornaillacquer #fallnails2020 #fallnails #nailitdaily #nailpolishlovers #nailpolishislove #nailpolishcollection #nailpolishblogger #nailpolish #instagramnails #freshmanicure #disneynails #disney #nailpolishaddiction #nailpolishmaniac #nailpolishobsessed #nails💅 #nails2inspire #nails4today #nailsfordays #nails2020 #nailsinspiration #nailslover #nailpromote #bblogger #polishlover #neglelak #gelish

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The collection consists of 6 polishes inspired by Disney villains. I am especially excited about the color inspired by Ursula called Make ’em squirm since it is a purple duochrome. The other colors are Fashion above all (metallic silver, inspired by Cruella), You’re in my world now (dark purple with purple shimmer), Just one bite (red metallic), Smoke the competition (grey), Mistress of Mayhem (green shimmer).

They are available right now on Amazon, click over here to find out more about the Morgan Taylor polishes (affiliate link). You can find the Gelish Disney Villains over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

Update: I am happy to report I finally found swatches of the Morgan Taylor Halloween collection. All creddit of course goes to Megan.

I have to say that theses are all gorgeous shades. But now that I have seen them, I don’t find them as special anymore. I personally think I prefer Essie’s Halloween collection.

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