Essie – Semi Precious tones (Gorgeous Geodes 2019)

Good afternoon everyone. Exciting news, Etos, a dutch drugstore, has the Essie Gorgeous Geodes collection in stock! I was a bit overwhelmed because I found out Essie suddenly had A LOT of new collections. I spotted the normal Essie Summer 2019 collection, the Essie gel couture summer collection (called Sunrush Metals), the #essielove moments collection, the Essie Rocky Rose collection ánd the Gorgeous Geodes collection. I’m very sorry Essie but it’s currently super hard to keep track of you! This is probably everything we will get from Essie until Fall, so let’s enjoy!

The Gorgeous Geodes collection consists of 6 holographic shades. All of them are kind of nude/easy to wear shades. It’s no coincidence that they are released in summer because they are great with sunny weather. The only one I picked for now is Essie Semi Precious Tones. It’s a sand/golden color with quite a strong holographic flame to it. It’s comparable to indie holographics that I’ve tried before.

It took two to three coats to get it completely opaque, which is not surprising as it’s a holographic polish. The polish chipped very easily on my nails, maybe I’m currently too rough with them or something is going on with this polish, I’m not really sure. Anyway, it’s definitely a unique polish in my Essie collection, since it is the only holographic Essie polish I own. If I have time later this month I will definitely come back and look whether I can get my hands on more of them. They should be available everywhere currently, at least in the bigger drugstores.

For a complete review of all the colors in the Gorgeous Geodes collection, I recommend realpolishfanatic’s blogpost. Again, Essie’s color combination is great! I think most colors from this collection are very wearable and together they look amazing.

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