Essie Crystal clear intentions trio (Ulta exclusive summer 2022)

It’s time for another Essie Summer 2022 collection. The collection is called ‘Crystal clear intentions trio’ and is going to be an Ulta exclusive collection. The good thing is, that the shades are already available on the Ulta website, the bad thing is that these shades are not going to be available anywhere else (including Europe).

Essie has the following things to say about the collection:

introducing essie’s limited edition crystal clear intentions collection. inspired by the healing properties of our favorite sparkling crystals, this soothing collection showcases a dazzling effect shade that is grounded by two calming creams. set crystal clear intentions and mani fest your dreams with this collection, you’re destined for a bright future.

The collection consists of three new shades:

  • Jade it happen (soft jade green nail polish with blue undertones (cream))
  • Amethyst or that (warm amethyst purple nail polish with red undertones (cream))
  • Crystal clear intentions (opalescent nail polish with chunky and refined multidimensional pearls (shimmer))

The polish ‘Crystal clear intentions’ is meant to be worn as a topper over Jade it happen or Amethyst or that to give a ‘crystal look’.

The Essie Crystal clear intentions trio consists of three new shades, Amethyst or that, Crystal clear intentions, and Jade it happen

I don’t have swatches, but if you look at the collection page of Essie, you will see that people have already posted pictures of these shades with their reviews. I’m not going to lie, I think these pictures look incredibly nice and it’s very promising.

Conclusion & Availability

I absolutely love this collection, and I wish it would be available in more stores! Ulta always seems to get the best and most special Essie collections.

The collection is already available on the Ulta website. I’m not sure when they will be available at Ulta stores (maybe they are already available in some stores?). None of the Ulta exclusive collections in the previous years have been released outside of the US. So I’m just going to assume that this collection won’t be available in Canada and Europe. However, I do really love it, so I’m hoping we will get it too!

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