More new Essie Summer 2021 collections (Ferris of them all and Midsummer 2021)

Hello again today. I am back again with another Essie summer 2021 collection. This collection suddenly popped up on in the UK.

On Boots’ website 4 shades are listed: Ferris of them all (A mauve shimmer), Amuse me (A faded denim), Ice cream and shout (vintage hot pink), Win me over (muted Khaki green).

When I was looking further into this collection, I was able to find even more! This is what Essie has to say about this new collection:

amuse me! it’s all fun & games as you try to win me overmake no concessions.. you know i’m the ferris of them all! let it slide as ice cream and shout and enjoy some air spun fun! so throw your hands up and ride your luck because tonight the sky’s the limit… and i’m your main attraction!

The collection is actually a nine piece collection! The shades not listed on the Boots website, but that are listed on the Amazon website are: Air spun fun (light pink), all fun and games (yellow), main attraction (vintage teal), let it slide (burnt orange), make no concessions (shimmery orange red). You can find them over here on Amazon(affiliate link).

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I really love the color palette, maybe even more than the Tangerine tease summer collection! Just wow! The collection reminds me a bit of last year’s Sunny Business collection, but I loved that collection so I really don’t mind having another rainbow collection. I would say that the Ferris of them all collection has a little bit more muted colors, which are always great!

Update: Six shades are going to be released in Europe: Ferris of them all, Air spun fun, Make no concessions, Ice cream and shout, win me over, and amuse me. And… I was already able to pick them up at Boozyshop (affiliate link). You can find my swatches over here!

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People in the US are reporting that they are finding this collection at CVS! Also, Polish Pick has announced that this collection will be available soon and Beyond polish listed it on their website over here (affiliate link), but it is still out of stock. You can also find the colors over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

Essie Midsummer 2021 collection

But this is not all! Now let’s take a look at the (European) numbers of the bottle, because they tell another interesting story:

  • 772 Pucker up (summer 2021)
  • 773 Feelin’ just lime (summer 2021)
  • 774 Get your grove on (summer 2021)
  • 775 Juicy details (summer 2021)
  • 777 Zest has yet to come (summer 2021)
  • 778 New unreleased shade #1 from unknown collection?
  • 779 New unreleased shade #2 from unknown collection?
  • 780 New unreleased shade #3 from unknown collection?
  • 781 New unreleased shade #4 from unknown collection?
  • 782 New unreleased shade #5 from unknown collection?
  • 783 New unreleased shade #6 from unknown collection?
  • 784 Make no concessions (this collection)
  • 785 Ferris of them all (this collection)
  • 786 Air spun fun (this collection)
  • 787 Amuse me (this collection)
  • 788 Ice cream & shout (this collection)
  • 789 Win me over (this collection)
  • 790 Make a racquet (have a ball collection)

There are basically two stories here: the Ferris of them all collection seems to be a 6-piece collection in Europe (even though Boots says it is a 4-piece collection). But, there are still 6 unknown shades. I admit that at a first glance it seems a bit farfetched, but based on the comment of Hilla below, I decided to dig a little bit deeper. It turns out, Essie is going to release a Midsummer collection soon! This is what Essie has to say about that collection:

you’ve made it to our twilight delight in the pic-nic of time ! as you get set for sunset , surround yourself with your favorite food and friends. take a moment to sit back and enjoy this midsummer night after you return from the blossoming field of dreams with 7 bunches of love ! if your lucky, there might just be a budding romance in your sweet dreams tonight! [sic]

The colors will be:

  • 779 Pic-nic of time (light blue)
  • 780 Budding Romance (lighter pink)
  • 782 Set for sunset (coral orange)
  • 781 Bunches of love (red)
  • 783 Field of dreams (darker green)
  • 778 Twilight delight (darker pink)
The Essie Midsummer 2021 collection

Squeal! I am definitely also excited about this collection too! I am excited about every Essie collection lately. Maybe it’s the fact they are all so happy and cheerful. I definitely can’t wait to see actual swatches!

Special thanks to Hilla in the comments! Also, as Hilla mentions correctly, my source for the Midsummer collection is a European partner of Essie. I am therefore not sure whether the Midsummer collection will be released in the US, but based on previous years, it might be.

Update: There are several places where you can find the Midsummer 2021 collection already. So far, I’ve spotted it at,, and Boozyshop (affiliate link). Nelly ships worldwide, however, the colors are quite expensive. Lyko is cheaper and ships to several European countries. Boozyshop is the cheapest and ships to several European countries. I ended up picking up Field of dreams, Pic-nic of time, and Twilight Delight, so I will keep you guys updated! You can find the swatches and more information over here.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you buy a product through one of these links, I might receive compensation at no additional cost to you. I label all affiliate links with the label “affiliate link”.

The shades I picked up: Twilight delight, Pic-nic of time, and Field of dreams.

9 thoughts on “More new Essie Summer 2021 collections (Ferris of them all and Midsummer 2021)”

  1. It’s a six piece collection this one. I found the other two online they’re called Air Spun fun and make no concessions. They’re light pink and red.

  2. Also, the unknown collection is the midsummer collection, they fit the numbers you mentioned. 6 piece collection again.
    I wonder if they will release another 9 piece collection this summer like the have done twice a year for a few years now. Europe will usually only get 6 out of the 9 so maybe it could be the ferris of them all collection that will have 9 shades in the US.

  3. It confuses me in a nice way:
    “Ferries of them all” is not the Midsummer Collection? Oops. There’s so much new stuff to come – I’m afraid it’s kind of repetitive. The green you mention above totally reminds me of Heart of the jungle. All the other shades don’t seem new either. I’m truly not a fan of the spring collection, but there were actually unique colors in it. And yes: who knows which collections will finally make it to Europe.
    Thank you so much for your research!
    (We discussed it on Instagram; you know me there as Jab_Marne.)

    1. Ahh… Jab_marne, now I finally understand haha! I was also so confused when I was writing up this post. I went from “hey a new Essie collection” to “probably the midsummer collection” to “wait? what there is even more?” to “ah two new collections!”
      I agree with you that it is impossible to keep making unique collections, especially when you are releasing multiple summer collections.

  4. Hi! Amazon just listed 8 colors from the (Ferris Of Them All Collection), the description text of all eight colors mentions that this is a 9-piece collection…but if so means one color is still missing/unlisted.

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