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Essie Midsummer 2024 preview

If there is anything that I learned this year so far, it’s that Essie collections never come alone. Quickly after finding out about Essie’s Summer 2024 collection, I also found a preview of Essie’s Midsummer 2024 collection. This collection typically gets released in the nordics around May/June to celebrate midsummer. However, this collection is also

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Essie Summer 2024 ‘Sol searching’

Essie is really early with a preview of their summer 2024 collection this year. I’m not even into spring shades myself yet, as it’s still super cold over here. However, I am really excited to share this collection with you! It’s time you had a good-vibes-only vacation. The essie limited edition summer 2024 collection: ‘sol

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Random Holo Taco swatches, part 1

You might have noticed that it’s a bit more quiet here in terms of swatches. Where I used to post swatches quite often separately, I have decided that it might be nicer to group them in one post. Consequently, it’s a little quieter here, but don’t worry, I’m still working on swatches behind the scenes!

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